Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pizza Box Solar Cookers

For some reason each and every time I try to make solar cookers with a group of kids, the weather doesn't seem to cooperate!  This attempt was no different!  Fortunately I made a cooker the day before and it was sunny and it got HOT and cooked our treat up perfectly!

Cooker we made: and also at this website:  We did find that adding the newspaper for insulation worked much better than our previous attempts at solar cooking!

Recipe we cooked:
1 flour tortilla
creamy peanut butter (although crunchy would probably work as well)
handful of chocolate chips (we used semi sweet ones)
handful of mini marshmallows

Spread the tortilla with peanut butter then sprinkle the peanut butter with chocolate chips and marshmallows, roll up (remember to bend in the ends so the insides don't come oozing out!).  Place in your solar cooker and heat for about 30 minutes!

Edited to add pictures of the solar cooker in action that were on the other camera!

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