Thursday, September 19, 2013

Egg Drop

One of our favorite hands on science experiences through the years has been an egg drop.  You collect packing materials, construct a container for your egg and then drop it from a given height to see if your egg will survive!  This time we were lucky to have a location that offered 3 different heights for increasingly more dramatic drops.  In order to proceed to the next drop, your egg needed to survive the previous drop.....

Here is a website with some great information:

First we started off by making our containers!  We had lots of materials to choose from like plastic containers, bubble wrap, tape, toilet paper rolls, material, balloons, garbage bags, egg cartons and lots more:

Once everyone was finished with their containers we headed outside and took a group photo:
Then we proceeded to drop the eggs from the first landing on the fire escape.  I am guessing it was about 18 fee.  Even I got involved and dropped my container:


Some of our eggs survived:
And some of them didn't:

Anyone whose egg survived went on to the second landing, around 28 to 30 feet:
Anyone whose egg survived that drop went on to the top of the landing (roof level) which was probably about 40 feet.  I REALLY hate heights so Luke took my container up for me and tossed it off!

William's egg survived the final drop:
We had quite a group of kids whose eggs survived all 3 drops:

The funniest thing was after the last drop a few of the boys whose eggs had survived asked if they could just drop their eggs to the ground with no container and I told them that was fine, as long as they picked up the shell!  William went and CHUCKED his egg and it BOUNCED 4 times and DID NOT BREAK!  We couldn't believe it!  He then threw it straight down onto the group (to prove to everyone that it wasn't some kind of trick egg) and it splattered everywhere!

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