Friday, July 6, 2012

Snake Wranglers

I never imagined when we moved to this house located on a state highway (and I literally mean a highway) that we would have the opportunity to explore nature hands on in the way we have over the past few months.  Honestly I thought the extend of wildlife we would see would be those hit by cars flying by our house.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  Daily there are visitors to the back yard, beavers, red fox, deer, birds of all types and if we venture into the woods, the diveristy is even greater.

One day early this week, Cade caught a water snake in the creek behind the house.  Typically water snakes in our area are non venomous (although their bite does contain a substance that is an anticoagulant so if you do get nipped, it tends to keep bleeding) but aggressive.  The fellow Cade caught was not aggressive at all and the kids all quickly started handling him.  They even created a game.....Snake Wranglers!  They would release the snake into the baby pool and take turns grabbing him up!  Mind you, I wouldn't even touch the snake, but none of my children harbor my fear!  The snake lent himself to hours of fun and then was released back in the creek at nightfall!

Luke--young snake wrangler
Sophia--snake wrangling princess
William--snake wrangling ringleader
while wrangling snakes, we found a small frog hanging out by the window

someone(Jacob) thought putting him on the snake's back was funny, don't worry, he was safely returned to the woods, we can't be held responsible for anything that happened once we set him free!

The kids also found this skull in the woods, we think it was probably a steer from the farm next door

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