Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cool Blog: My Simpler Life

I found this blog on the suggestion of a friend:
There is a great "decluttering" calendar for those of you who wish to get "on top" of your clutter this year:
I had to chuckle a bit....if I follow the calendar to the letter, I will be decluttering the same 2 kitchen drawers all the time, but heck, maybe that is just what I need to do at this point in my life!  I will say I feel so much "lighter" after declutter and prioritizing during the chaos that turned into our recent move.  My manta became "don't leave the house without a box of items to donate" and for over 3 weeks, I never did!  I have the donation receipts to prove it!  Even since the move, we have started what I call the "donation box" that sits in the trunk of the van and we put things in it as we find we no longer need them and I plan to stop weekly (or sooner if the box gets too full) and drop the items off.
I also really like her idea of a "check in jar", although I am thinking I might compile my list of questions and just post them on the wall by the computer or in the bathroom or on my closet door:

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