Monday, January 23, 2012

Co-op Art Class

I volunteered to lead the art class for the younger kids at our Monday Co-op for this winter.  I am having so much fun with it and I love seeing the kids creations each week.  The class is small, 4 girls all around the age of 8-9 and then 2 younger students (age 4) who sometimes chose to participate.  Both Sophia and Luke are in the class.  Sometimes Tori and Jackson cooperate and actually let me LEAD the class!  What was I thinking teaching with 2 babies in tow?

The idea for the class was to introduce the masters to the students and we came up with a basic syllabus for who we would introduce and how many projects we would do for that artist.  I have had great luck using the website ART PROJECTS FOR KIDS to find projects to work on with the class.

The plan is to study the following artists and do the related project:
For Van Gogh--Sunflowers and Starry Night
For Monet--water lilies and Irises
For Picasso -- "how to draw a cubist portrait" and also a cubist paper bag costume
For Mondrian-- geometric watercolor paintings
For Escher--tessellations (very cool, I had no idea what these were!)
I also found a great project to do for Pollock, can't decide if I consider him to be a master or not, but since his painting is #1 on the list of the most expensive painting ever sold, I am leaning that direction!

So far we have done:
Sophia's Sunflowers


Sophia's Starry Night

My water lilies with a little "extra" watercolor seeping through from the back side!

Sophia's interpretation of Water Lilies, love her FROG!

Can't wait to continue with the rest of the projects and see what the kids (and some of the adults) end up producing!

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