Sunday, October 23, 2011

Trunk or Treat

We had an absolute blast at TRUNK OR TREAT!  River Hills Community Church hosted trunk or treat followed by an amazing pig roast and bonfire and we were so thrilled to be part of it all.  COOLEST PART--our family won the prize (a $50 movie theater gift card) for the BEST DECORATED TRUNK.  I had no idea that you were even supposed to decorate your trunk until the Sunday before the event and really didn't give it any thought until Friday night when Grant told me he wanted to wear his clown costume and hand out the candy for sparked an idea....a "BIG TOP" CIRCUS theme and I started to think about all the costumes we had in the basement and figured we could probably pull it off....we had 2 gypsy/fortune teller costumes, a clown, a lion, an elephant, a "trapeze" girl outfit and a monkey (OK, I think it is really a gorilla, but Luke thinks it is a MONKEY so a monkey it is!)....I easily made a "ring master costume" by snagging a free pair of pants at a local clothing exchange and a white shirt out of Jay's closet, I made a red bow tie and we asked someone we know with sons that wrestle to borrow a wrestling singlet for our "strong man".  It cost me less than $7 to do it all ($6.31 to be exact--I bought 2 disposable table clothes, some laundry line, a 1/4 yard of fabric and a cool plate at a yard sale) and our THEME was brought to LIFE!

I will admit it, I always thought the idea of trunk or treat was LAME and a ploy by some churchs to dissuade children for going trick or treating so I only gave in to the idea because it wasn't on Halloween, but after experiencing it just once, I am HOOKED and we have already decided on a theme for next year....NOPE, NOT TELLING is a surprise!  But we already have at least 2 of the costumes in the basement and we will see how cheaply I can acquire the rest over the next year....


the whole crew minus mom!

Emily and a veiw of the trunk

the 3 ring circus

photo-op with our cutout

Hannah painted the sides of the van

Cade, the STRONG MAN

yes, I know clowns are CREEPY, be happy you can't hear him doing his clown voice!

and Yes, my STRONG MAN is so strong he can lift an ELEPHANT!

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