Friday, August 9, 2013

MAD Camp

MAD Camp presents "Malice in the Palace" the story of Esther

We were so blessed to be able to join Loveland United Methodist Church for a second year for their annual MAD (Music, Art, Drama) Camp!  It is unbelievable that in only a week's time, the kids learn their roles, everyone learns all the songs and the sets and props are created.  Everything comes to a dramatic conclusion Friday evening, after only 5 days of practice!

This year Sophia was cast in the role of Zeresh, the wife to Haman.  In addition to having to learn numerous lines, she also had a solo singing part!  When not in her role as Zeresh, she was part of the chorus of women. I am so incredibly proud of her, I can't imagine having to learn a part and perform it all within a week.  I could have never have done that at her age.  She really enjoys being on stage.  It was a bit comical that the boy cast as Haman was about a foot shorter than her! 

William was cast as a guard, which suits him well since he prefers to not have to memorize many lines!  His only lines were "Boom chugga lugga, boom chugga lugga, boom chugga lugga, boom!" "Make way for the King, Make way for the king, Make way for the King" and "Death to Haman, death to Haman, death to Haman, death!"

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