Friday, June 7, 2013

Totally AWESOME 80's Dance!

We had an AMAZING time at the dance!  Doesn't hurt that we got to rock out all night to some AWESOME 80's music!  I completely FORGOT what great music was around when I was in high school.  I think I had more fun creating the playlist than the kids did!  We mixed up traditional dance songs (chicken dance, YMCA, line dances), 80's favorites, and current popular songs.

We set up a photo backdrop so that all the dance guests could take pictures.  It was a huge hit and super simple to make.  We just created "records" out of black poster board and made the labels out of neon cardstock. We cut out our title using a stencil (old fashion I know but I didn't want to lug a die-cut machine with me!) and the same cardstock we used to make the labels.  We attached everything to some white paper that you would use when making a bulletin board in someplace like a classroom.  A little tape and some hot glue and we were all set!

Yes, even Jay and I got in on the fun!  Jay came straight from work so wasn't in his 80's garb but I was rocking my high side ponytail, blue eye shadow, Flashdance inspired cut shirt and leopard print skirt!

Here was the information for the dance:
ALIVE 4-H Club along with the Teens from the East of Cincy Homeschool Organization (ECHO) are hosting a FAMILY DANCE! We hope you can join us!

When: Friday June 7, 2013 from 7 PM to 10 PM
Where: 4-H Hall at the Clermont County Fairgrounds 1000 Locust St. Owensville, OH 45160
Theme: 80's
Wh...o: Homeschoolers, their family and friends
Cost: A canned good or $1 per person.

Please bring a snack to share (think finger foods that do not require forks or spoons to enjoy)! Drinks (Lemonade, Tea and Water) will be provided!

Dress in your 80's best! Raid your parent's closet or look in your might be surprised by how much current fashion has a 1980's root! Don't let a lack of wardrobe keep you from joining us, we will welcome you no matter what decade your attire reflects!

Music will be a mix of 80s music and current popular music. I LOVE the playlist! 

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