Wednesday, September 12, 2012

UGO! Day 3

The rain overnight left the morning air quite cool, but despite starting out overcast the day was perfect!

Sophia attended a poetry writing funshop (which replaced an outdoor games funshop because the ground was wet!) first thing in the morning! I spent some of the morning walking around and taking pictures of the gorgeous property!

Because I hate to make a mess for just my own family, we hosted one final funshop...tie dying!  I can't believe that I didn't get pictures of anyone actually dying their garmets but we had a great turnout....the sun decided to stay behind the clouds until the funshop had just about ended, making the weather PERFECT for the activity!

Later in the afternoon Melodie and her girls hosted a hula hooping funshop!  The only snag was Sophia getting stung by a bee!  We still had a great time!


After was time for dinner.  Finally they got it right!  Chicken, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes, rolls and tasty pie for dessert!

Time for the talent show! Sophia had spent the past few weeks trying to get Tori to perform a dance with her. Unfortunately Tori got a bit of stage fright and wouldn't dance!

Luke on the other hand, was eager to get on the stage and share his break dancing moves!

After the talent show Andre' and her girls got back out all the fairy/nature craft making supplies and we had a blast making things!

A final camp fire made time for hanging out with new friends!  I even agreed to be interviewed for a documentary that one of the dad's was making on unschooling!
Another very late was probably close to 2 AM before the first of us decided to head to bed, outside of Tori who had fallen asleep in my arms around midnight!  It was bittersweet because we knew when we awake the next morning, we would be heading home, leaving the company of so many like minded friends both new and old!

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  1. I have been reading your blog (and the other one).
    There is lots of fun going on! We have been trying to get fully over to unschooling, but we keep falling back on the wagon instead of off it. I found you by searching for unschoolers in Ohio. I am trying to connect with others so we can some support. I live in Mason, just moved back from NC were we started homeschooling about 5 years ago. I hope to see you post more soon.