Sunday, September 11, 2011

Invention Convention Science In Action Club

Invention Convention Club 2011-2012

We are excited to embark on our 2nd year of the INVENTION CONVENTION, our hands on science in action club!  I was excited to discover that many of the activities we did last year were  activities used in many national science competition, I had no idea, I just thought we were having FUN!

Below is the email I sent out about the group this year to our local homeschool group:
Please let me know if you are interested in joining us for the invention convention club this year.  The club will meet once a month from September through June to work on a hands on project that puts science into action.  It is up to each family how much prep work they wish to do before each gathering.  Prior to each meeting a list of needed supplies will be sent to each participant.  Costs will be kept to a minimum.  We will meet outdoors at local parks (most likely near Loveland) when the weather permits and right now the plan is to use the meeting space at a local church for the winter dates.
When:  Once a month from 10 AM until noon (later if the kids want to stay and play and eat lunch)
Who:  Homeschoolers of all ages.  Children 12 and under will be expected to have a parent/responsible adult on premises with them during activities, Teens 13 and up may be dropped off.
RSVP:  if you are local and interested...please leave a comment here on the blog and I will get you details about dates and location!
The activities schedule is not set in stone, but here is a list of my current ideas (I have included a link to give you an idea of what we will be doing, but we may change some of the “rules” or materials used in our projects):
September:  Egg Drop 
October: not yet determined--open for suggestions!
November:  straw towers (towers made out of drinking straws that will bear weight)
December:  Take apart day!  Bring your old small appliances and tools to take things apart and we will see what is INSIDE of everything!
January:  barges made of tin foil that hold weight
April: gliders or paper airplanes
May:  Cardboard boats!  We will make our cardboard boats for our June sailing! and
June:  Cardboard boat races at Stonelick Lake—this may be switched to the last week in May, depending on the weather and when the local schools get out for the year!
If anyone has a suggestion for October I would love to hear it!  If not, I will come up with something!
Please start saving (or collecting) the following items, as we will be using them throughout the year:
Small boxes (large enough for an egg)
Small containers (large enough for an egg)
Packing material (bubble wrap)
small electronics (broken or no longer wanted) for the take apart day
Toilet paper rolls
Pine Cleaners
Molding Clay
Tape (duct tape, masking tape, clear tape)
If you collect the items and would like me to store them for you, please just bring them to any of the meetings and I will keep them until we need them.

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